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Annual Area Senior Lead Officer Summits

On August 5, 2002, the Mayor and the Board of Police Commissioners adopted an eight-point plan to reinstate the Senior Lead Officer Program in the Los Angeles Police Department. Among those eight points was the development of Area-SLO Summits. The purpose of Area-SLO Summits is to bring together key stakeholders from each Area twice each year to identify and prioritize two or three significant problems specific to each Area. Community members work within their specific Areas in developing new innovative problem solving techniques to target significant quality of life issues and crime problems.

Based upon the priorities established at the Area-SLO Summits, Senior Lead Officers most impacted by those problems will convene Police and Community Collaborative teams (PAACTS). The PAACTS will consist of at least two Senior Lead Officers, one or more community group representatives, and representation from the local City Council Office. Geographical Areas collaborate with the PAACTS to coordinate meeting dates, times and problem solving updates.

Area Summits include, but not be limited to, the following Area stakeholders:

  • Neighborhood Council representatives
  • Neighborhood Watch and/or Block Captain representatives
  • Business community representatives
  • Residential community representatives
  • Local Non-Profit group representatives
  • Community-Police Advisory Board representatives
  • City Council Office representatives

All Area Senior Lead Officers

  • Area commanding officers

Community members are encouraged to attend any Area-SLO Summit to observe the various geographical areas styles of problem solving.

Annual Area Senior Lead Officer Summit Citywide Schedule [PDF]

Above mentioned dates are subject to change. Please call the Area before attending the summit. If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please contact the Community Policing Unit, Office of Operations at 213-486-6960 or e-mail