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Miscellaneous Information

How can I do a ride-along with the Los Angeles Police Department?
Each year the Los Angeles Police Department receives thousands of requests to ride along with a police officer on patrol. Unfortunately, given limited personnel resources the Department must prioritize which of these requests it can grant. The general purpose of the ride-along is to educate the public and open up the lines of communication with the community, thus fostering an environment of mutual trust and respect.

The Department will attempt to comply with requests for ride-alongs from members of the community and other law enforcement organizations whenever practicable.

Note: All requests to ride in a police vehicle for the purpose of gathering information for published articles, and all requests from the media shall be referred to and coordinated with the Officer in Charge, Media Relations Section.

If you would like more information on completing a ride-along with the Los Angeles Police Department, please contact the commanding officer of your local Community Police Station.

Does the Los Angeles Police Department have a lost and found section?

The Los Angeles Police Department does not have a "Lost and Found." Found property is put into the Property System and remains there for 90 days, after which it is disposed of in the manner prescribed by law. Found property can be indexed by the owner's name if it is known, but can also be indexed to a finder or Department employee. Questions regarding lost property are best addressed to the Police Division closest to the site of the loss.

How can I obtain an item with an LAPD logo on it such as a badge, shoulder patch, hat, pin or T-shirt?
Due to budgeting and security constraints, The Los Angeles Police Department is unable to provide any uniform items to the public. However, shoulder patches and other memorabilia may be purchased in person by visiting the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club (L.A.P.R.A.A.C.) located at the Los Angeles Police Academy, 1880 N. Academy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 213-221-3101.

Badges are issued only by the Chief of Police to those who have graduated the Los Angeles Police Department Academy. They are the property of the City of Los Angeles and cannot be sold.

Where can I purchase surplus police equipment?
The Los Angeles Police Department does not sell surplus police equipment to the general public and is currently prohibited by the Los Angeles City Charter from doing so.

Where can I get fingerprinted?
The LAPD’s fingerprinting capabilities are for law enforcement support only, and therefore, the LAPD does not provide fingerprinting services to the public. Please contact the Records and Identification (R&I) Division Watch Commander at 213-486-8310 or 213-486-8300 for information regarding where fingerprints may be obtained or look in the telephone Yellow Pages under the heading "Fingerprinting".

How can I contribute to the Los Angeles Police Department?
There are three primary ways to donate directly to the Los Angeles Police Department and its members. We do not solicit for funds over the phone. If you are contacted by an organization that claims to be representing the LAPD, please call the Police Commission Investigations Division 213-485-2102.

The Los Angeles Police Foundation: The Los Angeles Police Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides critical resources and vital support to the Los Angeles Police Department. From essential equipment and state-of-the-art technology to specialized training and innovative programs that would otherwise be unfunded, the support they provide directly improves public safety, impacts officer readiness, and enhances our quality of life.  As the largest source of private funding for the LAPD, they are passionately dedicated to ensuring that Los Angeles remains America’s safest major city.

Since its founding in 1998, the Los Angeles Police Foundation has provided more than $38 million in resources to help the police serve at their highest level in order to keep our communities and families safe.

We can’t afford to let up in the fight against crime. Help us support the LAPD by giving a one-time donation by clicking here.

Los Angeles Police Foundation

633 West 5th Street, Suite 960
Los Angeles, California 90071
Phone: (213) 489-4636
Fax: (213) 489-4697

The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation assists LAPD members when tragedy strikes, specifically injury and death. Since 1972, the Foundation has stepped in with financial support to ease the pain of catastrophic illness, injuries, and death. The Foundation also provides funding for a college degree to dependents of fallen LAPD members.

The William H. Parker Los Angeles Police Foundation was founded in October 1966, as a memorial to Police Chief William H. Parker. The Parker Foundation’s purpose is to advance professionalism within the Los Angeles Police Department by funding specialized law enforcement training and by purchasing the latest technological equipment for law enforcement purposes.

The foundation is comprised of leaders from the business community and training professionals from the LAPD, and is funded through tax-deductible contributions from the Los Angeles community. LAPD officers rely on the resources of the foundation because most specialized training is not available through City-budgeted programs.

For more information on how to make a contribution, contact:
The William H. Parker Los Angeles Police Foundation
1880 North Academy Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Fax: 213-226-1634

Donations may also be made to:

Trust Fund
Monies from the Los Angeles Police Trust Fund may be used for the purchase of equipment, services, furnishings, program elements, or activities.

Donations may be sent to:
Los Angeles Police Trust Fund
150 N. Los Angeles Street, Room 634
Los Angeles, CA, 90012
For further information call 213-485-3277

Volunteers are welcome at all 21 Geographic Areas. The Department's Volunteer Coordinator Officer Musso at 213-486-3733. Click here for more information on Volunteer Programs within the LAPD

Whom should I contact in the event of a natural disaster?
You can visit the following web sites for information on disaster preparedness: