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July 2010

07/30/10 - Man Arrested for Narcotics Dies in Police Custody

07/29/10 - 27th Annual National Night Out At Hollywood Station NA10199rh

07/28/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10196gb

07/28/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10197gb

07/28/10 - Two Women Wanted for Questioning About Illegal Cosmetic Surgery

07/28/10 - Illegal Cosmetic Operation NR10320rh

07/28/10 - LAPD Search for Police Impersonator NR10382ah

07/28/10 - North Hollywood Detectives Investigate Arson Related Homicide Councilmember to Announce Reward NA10192rh

07/28/10 - Sobriety Checkpoint NA10195gb

07/28/10 - Sobriety Checkpoint NA10194gb

07/27/10 - Senseless Shooting in South L.A. Leaves One Man Dead NR10377gb

07/27/10 - Los Angeles Man Points Handgun At Officers Resulting In An Officer Involved Shooting. NR10380an

07/27/10 - Man Shot and Killed After Struggle in His Driveway NR10378gb

07/26/10 - Man Fatally Shot during Fight with Police

07/25/10 - North Hollywood Detectives Investigate Arson Related Homicide NR10379cj

07/23/10 - Crenshaw Community Helped Capture Murder Suspect NR10374bb

07/23/10 - Serial Robbers Hit Again, 5 Arrested NR10375pv

07/23/10 - LAPD Officers Respond to Complaints of A Large, Loud Party NR10376mg

07/22/10 - Antique Jewelry Stolen; Two Robbers Sought NR10362rh

07/22/10 - Sobriety / Driver's License Checkpoint NR10190ne

07/22/10 - Sobriety/ Driver's License Checkpoint NA10189ne

07/22/10 - North Hollywood New Horizons Task Force NA10188rh

07/21/10 - Series of Robberies Committed in the Valley Area NR10371rh

07/21/10 - Reseda Radio Shack and Customers Robbed by Lone Gunman NR10372rh

07/21/10 - Two Men Dead after Apparent Murder-Suicide NR10370kr

07/20/10 - Missing Person Loyd Beasley NR10364kr

07/20/10 - Man with Fake Gun, Shot and Killed by Police NR10369an

07/19/10 - Man Shot in His Car While Driving NR10368cj

07/19/10 - Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Enforcement Operation NA10185SF

07/19/10 - Early Morning Shooting, Man Dies on Skidrow NR10367pv

07/16/10 - LAPD Announces DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10184cj

07/16/10 - Skidrow Shooting Video Released NR10366pv

07/16/10 - Valley Sobriety Checkpoint NR10183rf

07/15/10 - 11-Year-Old Boy Killed by Hit & Run Driver NR10365kr

07/15/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10182ah

07/14/10 - Sun Valley Vehicle Pursuit Results in Officer-Involved Shooting

07/14/10 - Teacher Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography NR10360rf

07/14/10 - Chief of Police, Submits Letter of Concern to State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation NR10363an

07/13/10 - West Bureau Community Summer Carnival

07/13/10 - Medical Marijuana Armed Robbery Suspects Sought Images Caught on Tape

07/13/10 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs During Traffic Stop NR10358rh

07/13/10 - Retirement Luncheon NA10181rh

07/12/10 - Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck Tour Southwest Division and Test the New In Car Video System NA10180SF

07/12/10 - Pedestrian and Child Safety Campaign NR10177cj

07/12/10 - Parent Stabs Daughter to Death and Attempts to Kill Herself NR10357cj

07/12/10 - LAPD Expands it's In Car Video Program to 77th Area NA10178SF

07/10/10 - Sobriety Checkpoint NR10176rh

07/10/10 - 2-Year-Old Boy Killed While Playing with Brother NR10356rh

07/09/10 - Los Angeles Police take Grim Sleeper murder suspect into custody, culminating two decades of investigation NR10350an

07/09/10 - From Combat to Community Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Returning Veteran NR10343SF

07/09/10 - Murder Suspect Arrested NA10173BB

07/08/10 - Mid-Year Crime Statistics Show a Continued Downward Trend

07/08/10 - Show Car Taken in Burglary

07/08/10 - Suspects Impersonating Repairmen Gain Entry into Korea Town Area Homes and Take Valuables

07/08/10 - Missing Person Walter Brown NR10354kr

07/08/10 - Councilmember to Announce Reward in Connection with 4th of July Murder.

07/07/10 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA10171rf

07/07/10 - Mother, Daughter Found Dead NR10349BB

07/07/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10170ah

07/07/10 - Man Killed Standing near Pay Phone NR10348ah

07/07/10 - Two Men Shot Outside Gas Station in Gang Related Shooting NR10347rh

07/07/10 - 22-Year-Old Killed While Driving His Car NR10346rh

07/07/10 - 14-Year-Old Girl Shot on Fourth of July NR10345rh

07/07/10 - Baby Garcia Murder Suspect Identified City Council Offers $50K Reward as Detectives Seek Public Assistance to Locate Him NR10344kr

07/07/10 - Operation Save Our Streets Joint Task Force NR10342rh

07/06/10 - Conference Held to Educate First Responders on Critical Crisis Situations Involving Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder NR10165SF

07/06/10 - BART Trial Verdict Media Parking Advisory NA10167an

07/05/10 - Summer Night Lights Kickoff in Hollywood NR10166kr

07/02/10 - Money and Expensive Jewelry Stolen in Bel Air NR10340cj

07/02/10 - Accidental Discharge of a Firearm NR10334BB

07/02/10 - Operation Save Our Streets Joint Task Force NR10163rh

07/01/10 - Office Creeper Strikes in the Miracle Mile District NR10341ne