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June 2010

06/30/10 - Arsonist/Vandalism Suspect Sought for Attempting to Set Church on Fire NR103xxah

06/30/10 - Serial Burglar Hit Flower Mart NR10337pv

06/30/10 - Observe Independence Day Weekend Responsibly, with your Family and Friends. NR10164kr

06/29/10 - Officer Uses Warning Shot to Disperse Unruly Mob NR10331rf

06/29/10 - Suspect Arrested After Pointing Gun At Police Officer NR10335kr

06/29/10 - After-Prom Party Murder NR10330BB

06/29/10 - Use of Force Involving Hollywood Area Police Officers NR10328mg

06/29/10 - Additional Arrest Made in 2008 Century City Murder NR10329jr

06/29/10 - City And Federal Authorities Warn State Of Economy Could Be Making Communities Vulnerable To Forced Labor, Trafficking

06/29/10 - 4th of July Weekend DUI Prevention News Conference NA10159ah

06/29/10 - Guard Disarms and Bloodies Robber Who Remains at Large NR10326pv

06/29/10 - Deaf Community Still Mourning the Loss of a Basketball Coach Who Was Shot and Killed NR10333SF

06/29/10 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs When Suspect Points a Gun at Detectives NR10332SF

06/29/10 - LAPD Search for Missing College Student NR10327ah

06/28/10 - DUI Checkpoint over Fourth of July Weekend NA10158ah

06/28/10 - Murder Suspect Sought in Killing Man at After-Prom Party NA10157BB

06/27/10 - Los Angeles Man Killed Crossing the Street NR10325cj

06/25/10 - Reward Offered to Capture Robbery Duo NR10324pv

06/24/10 - 50K Reward Offered for Murder Suspect who Killed Innocent Bystander NR10321ah

06/24/10 - Detectives Looking for Possible Sexual Assault Victims NR10323rf

06/24/10 - LAPD's African American Forum Meet and Greet NA10155cj

06/23/10 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA10156BB

06/23/10 - Little Tokyo Store Creeper Needs to be Caught NR10322SF

06/22/10 - Councilmember Wesson Offers Reward in Connection with South L.A. Murder NA10152ah

06/22/10 - Fiery Crash Kills One and Seriously Injures Two Others NR10319kr

06/22/10 - National Night Out

06/22/10 - Illegal Cosmetic Operation

06/22/10 - Valley Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint

06/22/10 - South Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint

06/18/10 - 3 Suspects Sought for Breaking into Condominium Complexes

06/17/10 - 'Wait Till You See My Smile Youth Symposium NR10146gb

06/17/10 - Staples Center Media Parking Instructions for Thursday's Lakers Game NA10148ne

06/17/10 - Public Awareness Demonstration and Auto-Demolition NA10147rh

06/16/10 - Counter Terrorism Criminal Intelligence Bureau Capabilities Expo News Conference NA10161BB

06/15/10 - Los Angeles Police Identify Child Murderer NR10315ne

06/13/10 - Two Men Shot During a Drive by in the Venice Area

06/11/10 - Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Enforcement Operation

06/11/10 - Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint NA10137kr

06/11/10 - Family Seeks Help Finding Missing Adult

06/11/10 - Woman Believed Kidnapped, Forced into Car Trunk NR10310ah

06/11/10 - 7-Year-Old Boy Abducted by Mother NR10308gb

06/11/10 - Pep Rally at Local School Honors Reading Program Success NR10140rf

06/10/10 - LAPD and LAFD's Safe Summer Tip-off Youth Basketball Event NA10143SF

06/09/10 - LAPD Arrests Three for Murder in South Los Angeles NR10307cj

06/09/10 - LAPD Assists Federal Agency in Drug Investigation of One of Its Own

06/08/10 - Suspect Points Gun at Officers NR10304nc

06/08/10 - South Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint NA10141ne

06/07/10 - 54-Year-Old Man Found Dead in His Car NR10303gb

06/07/10 - Off-Duty Officer Involved Shooting Occurs in South Los Angeles NR10302cj

06/07/10 - Standoff with Murder Suspect Ends NR100301bb

06/05/10 - Announcing the LAPD and LAFD Departments Safe Summer Tip-off Youth Basketball Event

06/05/10 - Man Found Stabbed to Death NR10300bb

06/05/10 - News Conference to Announce the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments Safe Summer Tip-off Youth Basketball Event NA10138SF

06/04/10 - Man Stabs His Girlfriend to Death NR10298cj

06/04/10 - LAPD Searches for Alzheimers Missing Woman NR10299ne

06/03/10 - Police Academy Magnet School (PAMS) Police Orientations Preparation Program (POPP) Graduation NA10134ne

06/03/10 - 13th Annual South Robertson SoRo Community Festival NA10133cj

06/03/10 - Web Video Leads to Personnel Complaint Investigation NR10295jr

06/03/10 - iWATCH Launches at Los Angeles International Airport Program Encourages Airport Visitors and Communities to Help Fight Terrorism NR10284rf

06/03/10 - Safe Summer Crime Prevention Tips NR10291gb

06/03/10 - Man Dies After Being Stabbed with a Sword NR10293bb

06/03/10 - SWAT Fitness Challenge for Los Angeles Police Department Cadets

06/03/10 - Top Cops Wager on Championship NR10294ah

06/03/10 - Motorcyclist Dies After Colliding with a Light Pole NR10292cj

06/03/10 - The Los Angeles Police Department's Polygraph Unit First in California to Receive Accreditation NR10297kr

06/03/10 - A Bittersweet Last Day on the Job NR10296kr

06/03/10 - Valley Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint NA10132gb

06/03/10 - 77th Street Area 1st Summer Carnival