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Patricia Sandoval, Captain III

Patricia Sandoval

Captain III
Olympic Division

email Captain Patricia Ann
was born and raised in Los Angeles in the San
Fernando Valley. She attended St. Bernardine's grammar school and
Louisville High School in Woodland Hills, California, where she
played a variety of sports, often times being coached by her Dad
Frank. After high school she enrolled at San Diego State University
and graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal
Justice, and later went on to obtain her Masters of Arts Degree in
Organizational Management.

Sandoval was appointed to the Los Angeles Police Department on May
2, 1988. She worked a variety of assignments and Divisions as a
Police Officer, which included West Los Angeles Division, Van Nuys
Division, Hollywood Division, Training Division and DARE

In 1998, she was promoted to Sergeant. Her supervisory assignments
included Rampart Division, Transit Bus Division, Management
Services Division, and Internal Affairs Division.

In 2003, Sandoval was promoted to Detective and assigned to
Northeast Division. As a Detective, Sandoval worked crimes against
persons, major assault crimes, sexual assault crimes and burglary.
Sandoval then reverted back to her Sergeant status at Northeast
Division and worked as a patrol and area adjutant, as well as an
assistant watch commander.

In 2010, Sandoval was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to
Hollenbeck Division, where she worked as a watch commander and
administrative lieutenant. As a Lieutenant, Sandoval additionally
held the position of Commanding Officer, Northeast Detective
Division, and Adjutant, Operations-Central Bureau. Sandoval was
promoted to Captain on February 22, 2015, and appointed as the
Hollenbeck Division Patrol Commanding Officer. Captain Sandoval
transferred to Wilshire Patrol Division Commanding Officer in
December 2015. On May 2, 2017, she was upgraded to Captain II and
is currently the Commanding Officer of Media Relations

Captain Sandoval is married to a fellow police officer.