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March 2011

03/31/11 - The Los Angeles Police Department’s Mental Evaluation Unit’s Mental Illness Project is selected as a Bright Ideas Recipient

03/31/11 - Collision with Tractor-Trailer Kills Pedestrian NR11139kr

03/31/11 - Man Shot and Killed on the Sidewalk NR11140rh

03/31/11 - 29-Year-Old Woman Missing NR11142gb

03/31/11 - Vandal(s) Targeting Vehicle Tires NR11141kr

03/30/11 - LAPD Detectives Investigate Stolen Cargo NR11137cj

03/30/11 - Driving Under the Influence and Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11073rh

03/30/11 - Driving Under the Influence and Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11072rh

03/30/11 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA11069kr

03/30/11 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA11070kr

03/29/11 - Officers Use Force to Break Up A Fight in Hollywood NR11136cn

03/29/11 - Girl Scout Troop Donates Funds to Help Protect Police Dogs (K-9) NA11068kr

03/28/11 - Sober Graduation NA11067ne

03/28/11 - Sex Crime Suspect Arrested in East Los Angeles Detectives Seeking Additional Victims NR11132gb

03/28/11 - Fatal Hit-and-Run Leaves one Man Dead and Four Injured NR11133gb

03/28/11 - Bicycle Lanes to Enhance Local Community

03/25/11 - LAPD Southeast Area Officer-Involved Shooting NR11131cn

03/24/11 - Officers Threatened by Armed Suspect after Traffic Stop Resulting in an Officer Involved Shooting NR11129bb

03/24/11 - Media Parking Information People vs. Conrad Murray

03/24/11 - San Diego Woman Missing from West Los Angeles

03/23/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11063kr

03/22/11 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs as Police Disband Gang Fight NR11127rf

03/22/11 - Man Shot and Killed in South L.A. NR11126bb

03/22/11 - 33-Year-Old Missing Man

03/21/11 - Attempt Burglary Suspect Caught on Surveillance Video NR11125ne

03/21/11 - LAPD West Valley Area Announces Street Closures Due to Flooding

03/21/11 - Fatal Hit and Run Collision in West Los Angeles NR11123cj

03/18/11 - Encounter with Assault Suspect Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11121rf

03/17/11 - Naked Preschool Burglar Captured on Surveillance Video NR11118rf

03/17/11 - Presentation of Awards at Southwest Community Beautification Event

03/17/11 - Stop The War March Hollywood Area

03/17/11 - Suspect Shoots at Gas Station Customers NR11119ds

03/17/11 - Community Redevelopment Agency Funds High Tech Crime Fighting Wireless Camera System Goes Live in Mission Area

03/17/11 - Hollywood Area Missing Person NR11120kr

03/16/11 - LAPD Announce DUI Checkpoints Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk This Saint Patrick’s Day

03/15/11 - Crosswalk Education, Safety & Enforcement Operation

03/15/11 - Man Found Shot to Death in Residential Yard NR11115kr

03/15/11 - Man Dies in Custody NR11116kr

03/15/11 - Attempt Murder Suspects Sought NR11117gb

03/15/11 - Rampart OIS Findings

03/14/11 - Four People Shot Near Popular Nightclub NR11114kr

03/14/11 - Man Trying to Catch Bus, Is Run Over and Critically Injured NR11112kr

03/14/11 - Woman Killed in Parking Lot by Delivery Truck NR11113kr

03/14/11 - Driving-Under-the-Influence Sobriety Checkpoint Vehicle Impound Protocols Revised NR11106rf

03/14/11 - LAPD Releases Findings on Rampart Officer-Involved Shooting

03/11/11 - Protocolo actualizado de la incautación de vehículos en puestos de control

03/11/11 - Revision of Vehicle Impound Protocol at Checkpoints

03/11/11 - Officer Threatened by Armed Suspect on Freeway Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11110bb

03/11/11 - Police Commission To Announce Decision On Rampart Officer Involved Shooting

03/10/11 - Suspects Distract Elderly Woman to Commit Burglary NR11105rf

03/10/11 - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck Statement on Filing of Charges Against School Police Officer NR11108kr

03/10/11 - $75,000 Reward Offered in Connection With Double Murder Husband and Wife NR11107cn

03/10/11 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA11047kr

03/10/11 - Distraction Burglars Targeting the Elderly NR11104kr

03/09/11 - Fatal Hit-and-Run Leaves one Woman Dead and Three Children Injured L.A. Councilman Offers Reward NR11101cj

03/08/11 - Restaurateurs Beware NR0103kr

03/08/11 - $75,000 Reward Offered in Connection with Double Murder of Husband and Wife

03/08/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint

03/07/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Hosts the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Forum NA11051SF

03/07/11 - Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision Reward Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision Reward NA11050cj

03/07/11 - 68-year-old Man Uses Car to Target Los Angeles Police Officers NR11102SF

03/07/11 - 29-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed 34-Year-Old Female in Critical Condition NR11100gb

03/07/11 - Domestic Dispute Leads to Murder NR11099cj

03/04/11 - Officers Confronted by Armed Suspect during Pedestrian Stop NR11097cn

03/03/11 - Missing College Student NR11094bb

03/03/11 - Two Suspects Arrested After Shooting into Apartment NR11095kr

03/03/11 - 18-Year-Old Missing Man NR11096gb

03/02/11 - Man Shot Dead NR110093ne

03/02/11 - Media Availability NA11047cj

03/02/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11049gb

03/02/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11048gb