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May 2011

05/27/11 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR11249rh

05/27/11 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA11126ne

05/27/11 - Child Safety Seat Check Up Event NR11127ne

05/26/11 - Suspects Sought in Liquor Store Robberies NR11207rh

05/26/11 - Burglar Caught on Video Kicking Door Open NR11200kr

05/26/11 - Missing Person Valencia Satterwhite NR11248ne

05/25/11 - 2-year-old Shot to Death NR11247bb

05/25/11 - Bryan Stow Investigation Update Giovanni Ramirez Line-Up NA11125kr

05/25/11 - Man Killed in Hit and Run Traffic Collision Public’s help Requested NR11246kr

05/25/11 - Councilmember Jan Perry Joins LAPD and Family of 2-Year-Old Killed To Announce a $75,000 Reward NA11124bb

05/24/11 - 8th Annual ‘Still Saving Lives’ Car Show & Child/Traffic Safety Fair NA11123rh

05/24/11 - Chief Charlie Beck Presents Ten Officers with the Medal of Valor NA11122SF

05/24/11 - Search Warrants Served in Assault Investigation NR11244mg

05/23/11 - Observe Memorial Day Weekend Responsibly With Your Family and Friends NR11121rh

05/23/11 - Observe Memorial Day Weekend Responsibly With Your Family and Friends NR11121rh

05/23/11 - Easter Stabbing at Venice Beach Victim Stabbed in “Drum Circle” NR11245lpk

05/21/11 - Body of Woman Found at Trash Sorting Facility NR11243gb

05/20/11 - Missing Person Joshua Branscum NR11241rh

05/20/11 - Woman Seriously Injured in Traffic Collision Traffic Detectives Seek Incident Witnesses NR11239rf

05/20/11 - Burglary Suspect Dies Several Days after Arrest NR11240rf

05/20/11 - Olympic Detectives Seek Public’s Help in Korea Town Robbery NR11250lpk

05/19/11 - 15-Year-Old Critical Missing NR11237cj

05/19/11 - Drive By Shooting Kills One NR11236cj

05/19/11 - 71-Year-Old Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Collision NR11238gb

05/19/11 - Emergency Preparedness Fair The LAPD and The LAFD

05/19/11 - “Every 15 Minutes” Program Teaches Students about the Dangers of Driving While Drunk or Texting

05/19/11 - South American Theft Ring

05/18/11 - 58-year-old Missing Woman NR11233bb

05/18/11 - Sobriety and Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11115bb

05/18/11 - Sobriety and Driver’s License Checkpoint NA11116bb

05/18/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Hosts the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Forum NA1117SF

05/18/11 - Liquor Store Robbery Captured on Video NR11231lpk

05/17/11 - LAPD and Lamar Advertising to Unveil 300 Billboards To Promote the Capture of the Suspects Responsible for the Dodgers Stadium Beating

05/16/11 - Suspects Arrested in String of Robberies and Linked to Multiple Homicides NR11225mjg

05/16/11 - Officer Involved Shooting Occurs in North Hollywood Area NR11228cj

05/16/11 - 10-Year-Old Missing Child NR11227rh

05/13/11 - LAPD Announces the Launch of New and Improved Crime Mapping NR11226bb

05/12/11 - 18th Annual TOP COPS Awards LAPD Officers Recognized for Bravery NR11223rf

05/12/11 - Multiple Suspects Arrested for Killing and Injuring Hollywood Partygoers NR11219SF

05/12/11 - New Canines Added to Airport Security to Detect Persons Carrying Explosives

05/12/11 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs during Narcotics Solicitation NR11224rf

05/11/11 - Press Conference on a String of Robberies

05/11/11 - West Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint

05/11/11 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA11203kr

05/11/11 - Multiple Suspects Arrested for Murder NA11106SF

05/11/11 - Map of Olympic and Sorrounding Areas Shotgun Robberies

05/10/11 - Metropolitan Fundraiser Event Honoring K9 Officer Steve Jenkins

05/10/11 - Olympic Officers Respond to an Assault-with-a-Deadly-Weapon Call Suspect Shot by Officer NR11220mjg

05/10/11 - Dead Body of Woman Found in South L.A. Alley NR11218gb

05/09/11 - Teacher Arrested for Having Sex with Student Suspect Had Been Seeing the Victim since Last Year NR11204rf

05/09/11 - Citywide Buyback Nets Over 2000 Guns NR11217cj

05/09/11 - Cypress Park Shooting Leaves One 19-year-old Man Dead, Another in the Hospital NR11217SF

05/09/11 - Pedestrian Struck by Amtrak Surfliner, Detective Search for Witnesses NR11213SF

05/09/11 - Man Gunned Down on Sunset Boulevard NR11217rf

05/09/11 - $50,000 Reward Offered for a Murder Case NA11105gb

05/09/11 - Central City Police Boosters Salute Los Angeles Police Department Personnel and Business Improvement District Safety Officers in Central Area

05/09/11 - Results from 2011 Gun Buyback Program

05/09/11 - Two Union Workers Arrested for Grand Theft NR11212cj

05/09/11 - Drive-By Shooting Leaves One Man Dead NR11211cj

05/09/11 - LAPD and Mayor Announce 2011 Gun Buyback Program Last Year’s Program Collected over 2,500 Firearms NR11210rf

05/07/11 - Councilmember Jan Perry Joins LAPD and Family of Sharniece Jeter To Announce a $50,000 Reward for a Hit- and–Run Collision

05/07/11 - Southeast Areas, Tea in our Village, Motivational Event

05/06/11 - 19-year-old West Valley Man Is Shot to Death NR11209lpk

05/05/11 - Man Arrested in Skidrow Bludgeoning Death NR11200pv

05/05/11 - 15-Year-Old Struck By Gunfire inside an Alley

05/05/11 - Missing Person-Megan Lacy Wren

05/04/11 - Devonshire Area Use of Force

05/04/11 - 7-Year-Old Child Killed in Hit-and-Run Collision

05/02/11 - Woman Sexually Assaulted in Parking Structure

05/02/11 - 50-year-old Hispanic Man Missing NR11195cj

05/02/11 - Chief Beck’s Monthly Media Availability and Annual Memorial Ceremony to Honor LAPD Officers Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

05/02/11 - South LA Woman Murdered While in Parked Car NR11194cj

05/02/11 - Man Missing from Care Facility NR11193rf

05/02/11 - Designate a Driver before the Fiesta Begins

05/02/11 - May 2011 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

05/02/11 - American Muslim Womens Empowerment Conference

05/02/11 - Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

05/01/11 - Child Abduction Regional Emergency (C.A.R.E.) Alert Aunt Sought in the Kidnapping of 2-1/2 month-old Girl NR11196lpk