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Community-Police Advisory Boards (C-PAB) Meeting Schedule and City-Wide Minutes

Celebrating Police-Community Partnerships

Community-Police Advisory Boards (C-PABs) were created in 1993 to provide community members with an opportunity to provide information and advice to their respective Area and to take information from the police department back to the community.

Each of the 21 geographic Areas (community police stations) throughout Los Angeles has its own C-PAB. These advisory groups meet monthly to discuss crime and quality of life issues. Each C-PAB has two co-chairs, one of the Area commanding officer while the second is a civilian member voted on by the membership.

Recently, many C-PABs have formed subcommittees in addition to the general group to tackle specific crime and quality of life problems. Examples of C-PAB subcommittees include Graffiti, Youth, Homeless Outreach and Traffic.
Los Angeles Police Department Area Community Relations Offices

(Community-Police Advisory Boards (C-PAB) City-Meeting Schedule)


Operations-Central Bureau

Central Bureau Citizen Police Academy Classes
  • Central Area 213-486-1163
  • Hollenbeck Area 323-342-4140
  • Newton Street Area 323-846-3937
  • Northeast Area 323-561-3218
  • Rampart Area 213-484-3058
Operations-Valley Bureau

Valley Bureau Citizen Academy Classes
  • Devonshire Area 818-634-0577
  • Foothill Area 818-756-8866
  • Mission Area 818-838-9860
  • North Hollywood Area 818-754-8478
  • Topanga Area 818-756-3180
  • Van Nuys Area 818-374-9402 / 9403
  • West Valley Area 818-374-7630

Operations-South Bureau

South Bureau Citizen Academy Classes

  • Harbor Area 310-726-7920
  • 77th Street 213-485-4285
  • Southeast Area 213-972-7962 / 7962
  • Southwest Area 213-847-5800
Operations-West Bureau

West Bureau Citizen Police Academy Classes
  • Hollywood Area 323-871-4068
  • Olympic Area 213-382-9114
  • Pacific Area 310-202-2890
  • West Los Angeles Area 310-444-0743
  • Wilshire Area 213-473-0200


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Mission Division Goals

Valley Traffic

Mission CPAB June 2021 Minutes

Community-Police Advisory Boards (C-PAB) Meeting Schedule and City-Wide Minutes


Valentin Quintana, Outstanding Community Member
Valentin Quintana
Outstanding Community Member