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Mission Division Goals

This is an exciting time for the Los Angeles Police Department and the communities served by Mission Community Police Station.  Together with the community we have an opportunity to enhance the quality of life and resolve community concerns.  In order to accomplish this there needs to be a close working relationship between the officers assigned to Mission Area and the communities we serve.  As the Commanding Officer of Mission Community Police Station, my initial goals are as follows:

• To develop partnerships between the community and the police, in an effort to identify community concerns and crime problems.

• To cultivate, enhance, and foster trustworthy relationships with the community we serve.

• Continue to build upon community coalitions in the form of Neighborhood Watch groups and the Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB).

• To nurture our information exchange with our community coalitions, CPAB, Clergy Council, Mission Community Police Council (MCPC), and volunteer core.

By working with various stakeholders within the community we will determine community priorities and needs, which will allow us to provide quality service and protection.  I encourage all community members to get involved by working with the police to make Mission Area a better place to live and work.


Goal 1: Reduce Part 1 Crime by 5%
Goal 2: Reduce Gang Crimes by 20%
Goal 3: Reduce Crime in the Safer Cities Initiative (SCI) Area by 10%
Goal 4: Reduce Crime in the Top 5 RD’s by 10%
Goal 5: Achieve 95 Percent Consent Decree Compliance