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Newton Division Goals

Newton Community Policing Philosophy

Newton Area is committed to providing prompt, professional and compassionate service to our community. Our officers are dedicated to providing a safe and secure living and working environment for all our community members. The Area’s priority is to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to effectively focus divisional resources on pressing crime problems and trends.

  1. Improve the Quality of  Arrest Reports
  2. Improve Quality and Timeliness of Complaint Investigations
  3. Involvement of the Crime Analysis and Records Unit
  4. Focused Crime Reduction Efforts by Patrol Personnel
  5. Involvement of Gang Impact Team
  6. Community Education and Involvement
  7. Youth Programs
  8. Increase Readiness and Response to Terrorism Incidents and Unusual Occurrences
  9. Utilize Training Division, Behavioral Science Services and Department Reserves to Provide Education and Assistance in Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Financial Planning
  10. Provide Ongoing Training to Employees Regarding Department Resources Available to Assist Them with Personal Matters and Crisis
  11. Revive Traditional  Events and create new ones
  12. Maximize Efficiency of Resources Through Ongoing Cross Training of Personnel
  13. Liaison with Personnel Division-Return to Work Section for Personnel to be Assigned to Desk and Administrative Functions
  14. Reduce the Number of Unexcused Failures to Qualify (FTQs) and Failures to Appear
  15. Increase Formal Employee Recognition


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