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Northeast Community Newsletter

September 3rd, 2013

Northeast communities,

As I write this, I’m sitting here flanked on all sides by maps, statistics, and assorted analyses of Northeast crime trends piled high in not-so-neat stacks.  Summer is now falling headlong into Autumn, and while Los Angeles’ domino rows of palm trees don’t cast off the burnt orange leaves that mark the change of seasons elsewhere, there’s still something different in the air.  My thoughts turn once again to my kids, boldly embarking on a new school year.  

This is a time of transition for families and it’s one we take seriously in Law Enforcement. It’s important that we ensure the safe passage of our youth to and from our schools. To that end, we’re continuing our Adopt-A-School program this year. Several of my officers also have collateral duties as Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLOs, for short), and these cops are hard at work developing some “target hardening” in partnership with Occidental College.

The current heat wave has not spawned a corresponding crime wave, thankfully.  Northeast’s all-weather cops continue to make me proud with their mix of hard work and enthusiasm.  Right now we are 6th in the city in violent crime reduction and 12th in property crime
reduction. Overall Part-I crime (the crime tracked by the FBI nationally) is down 6%. Our goal
for 2013 is a 1% reduction in overall part-I crime.  

Recently our Crime Analysis Detail and Burglary Detectives completed a comprehensive study of theft and discovered that the crime of theft accounted for almost one-quarter of all part-I crime in Northeast over a 2-year period. In the study, officers also discovered that there were approximately 242 stolen “smartphones” and 232 stolen bicycles taken during that time.  

Within the past month, some diligent Northeast officers arrested a gang member with multiple stolen iPhones after one victim used the “Find my iPhone” app.  These smartphones in particular are extremely popular items for thefts and robberies.  “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” has become a clarion call for us because many thefts occur when people leave doors unlocked, windows down, and property in plain sight.  Remember, theft only seems unimportant until it happens to you or your loved-ones.

My own smartphone tells me that it’s 86-degrees along San Fernando Road at the moment.  I have a Back to School list burning a hole in my pocket: pens and pencils, crayons and binder paper.  My thoughts turn to the kids, and the parents, and all of Northeast.  I hope you all had a safe (and cool) Labor Day weekend.  Autumn.  Change is good.

Here is a breakdown of recent crime by Basic Car Area:

11A1 – SLO Rey
Overall crime is down .8%, however burglary from vehicle (BFMV), burglary, and aggravated assaults are up.

11A19 – SLO Preciado
Overall crime is down 3.6%.  Auto theft and burglary are both up, the latter is up 58.6%.

11A25 – SLO Chang
Overall crime is up 6.4% in this area, especially due to burglaries from vehicles.

11A37 – SLO Allen
Overall crime is down 9.7%, but also trending up in BFMV.

11A51 – SLO Orange
Overall crime is up 3.7%, due entirely to theft and/or BFMV (everything else is down).

11A71 – SLO Davis
Overall crime is down 15.6%, however aggravated assaults and robberies are up.

11A89 – SLO Serrano
Overall crime is down 10.2%, but aggravated assaults, theft, and BFMVs are slightly up.

11A95 – SLO Chovan
Overall crime is down 5.4% but theft is up 33.3%.


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