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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Media Relations

“Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” Must Watch Video NR14194dm

LAPD’s Northeast Community Police Station has put together a professionally produced video to increase awareness of the Department’s “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” campaign, which aims to prevent vehicle-related thefts.

Now playing on your local computer at YouTube is “2.4,” an action-packed video that acts as a public service announcement about reminding everyone to always lock their vehicles when unattended, and keep valuables of any kind hidden and out of sight from prospective thieves. The video, which features a cast of entirely LAPD personnel and has a runtime of just over five minutes, was produced with the generous assistance of 20th Century Fox and features familiar locations in LAPD’s Northeast Area.

When a man’s IPad is stolen from his car, he is desperate to get it back. Fortunately, local police officers were able to apprehend the thief, but they remind him that the crime probably wouldn’t have happened in the first place, if the victim’s IPad hadn’t been visible.

The video may be viewed at: