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November 2010

11/30/10 - 55-Year-Old Missing Man NR10556gb

11/30/10 - 7-Year-Old Boy, Fighting Leukemia, Becomes LAPD Officer and Pilot for a Day NA10323js

11/30/10 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA10319rf

11/30/10 - LAPD Detectives Investigates Stolen Cargo in the Harbor NR10555cj

11/30/10 - LAPD Hollenbeck Area Security Steering Wheel Lock Giveaway NA10321rb

11/30/10 - 7-Year-Old Boy, Fighting Leukemia, Becomes LAPD Officer and Pilot for a Day

11/29/10 - Violent Suspect Shoots Multiple Rounds from Handgun, Slashes one Person with a Knife NR10557kr

11/28/10 - Elderly Woman Dies After Being Hit By a Backing Car NR10554cj

11/26/10 - 86-Year-Old Missing Man NR10553bb

11/25/10 - LAPD Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend DUI Enforcement NA10320bb

11/24/10 - LAPD Air Support Division Shoes That Fit Event

11/24/10 - Burglary Suspects Caught on Camera NR10552js

11/23/10 - Sex Crime Suspect Arrested Detectives Seeking Additional Victims NR10549gb

11/22/10 - Detectives Investigating Death of 2-year-old at Staples Center NR10548js

11/22/10 - Holiday Reminder-Lock It, Hide It, Keep It Don't Let the Grinches Steal Your Holiday Spirit NR10545kr

11/22/10 - The Los Angeles Mission Will Once Again Feed the Homeless for Thanksgiving Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck Will be Serving the Food NA10315cj

11/22/10 - Armed Suspect Shoots at Officers, Officer Returns Fire NR10550js

11/21/10 - Suspect Arrested for the Murder of a Family Member NR10547cj

11/20/10 - Public's Help Needed to Find Fatal Hit & Run Driver NR10546ne

11/19/10 - Lock It, Hide It, Keep It Holiday Reminders and Tips

11/19/10 - Pedestrian Traffic Safety Tips News Conference NA10312bb

11/18/10 - Police and Community Leaders Walk for Peace in Hollywood NA10545js

11/18/10 - Trio of Female Burglars Sought NR10543ne

11/18/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10309gb

11/17/10 - Police Looking for Pharmacy Robbers NR10542rf

11/17/10 - Los Angeles Police Department Holds Holiday Food Drive NA10308cj

11/16/10 - $75,000 Reward Being Offered NA10307kr

11/16/10 - $75,000 Reward Being Offered Two Brothers Killed and a Relative Injured NR10541kr

11/16/10 - Police Ask for the Public's Help to Catch Van Nuys Rapist NR10540js

11/15/10 - Chief Charlie Becks One Year Anniversary as Chief of Police NA10306bb

11/15/10 - Media Availability with Chief Beck NA10304gb

11/14/10 - Fight for Life East -vs- West Multi-agency Charity Boxing Event NA10303kr

11/14/10 - Los Angeles Police Revolver & Athletic Clubs 57th Annual Sports Awards Banquet NA10305SF

11/14/10 - City of Hope Fight for Life Kickoff NA10302kr

11/14/10 - Two 16-year-olds Hit by Gunfire One Injured, One Killed NR10539kr

11/13/10 - 75-year-old Los Angeles Woman Missing NR10538SF

11/12/10 - Enunciado De LAPD Del Arresto En El Club 907 NR10532ene

11/12/10 - Two Suspects Commit Two Robberies in Mid-City NR10535cj

11/12/10 - 16-year-old Girl Missing NR10537gb

11/12/10 - Veteran's Day Task Force results in Numerous Arrests NR10536mg

11/11/10 - Gun Pointed at Officer Results in Shooting NR10531js

11/11/10 - Missing Person Notification NR10533kr

11/11/10 - LAPD Statement On Arrests At The 907 Club NR10532ene

11/11/10 - Suspect Sought in Electronics Store Robberies NR10534kr

11/10/10 - Man Dies in Struggle at a Downtown SRO NR10530pv

11/10/10 - LAPD Operations West Bureau Pedestrian Safety Awareness Event NA10299gb

11/09/10 - LAPDs Mental Evaluation Unit is Selected as a National Law Enforcement/Mental Health Learning Site NR10518rf

11/09/10 - Missing Person Notification NR10529kr

11/08/10 - Funeral Services to be held for Aaron Jerel Shannon Jr.

11/08/10 - Community Fundraiser for 16-Year-Old Leukemia Victim NA10297cj

11/08/10 - Violent Takeover Robbery by Masked Gunmen NR10525pv

11/07/10 - 41-Year-Old Missing Man NR10525gv

11/07/10 - An Exchange of Gunfire Leaves One Injured and One Dead in Rampart NR10523cj

11/07/10 - An Argument Leads to a Stabbing Death NR10524cj

11/05/10 - Northeast Community Carnival

11/05/10 - Suspects Arrested in Halloween Multi-Victim Shooting

11/05/10 - Woman Found Dead Inside Her Home

11/05/10 - A Dispute Leaves One Man Stabbed to Death NR10522cj

11/05/10 - Child Abduction of a 6-Year-Old Girl by Biological Mother NR10521cj

11/05/10 - Chief of Police Charlie Beck Regarding Jessicas Law NR10520mg

11/04/10 - 27th Annual Chili Fly-In Largest Public Safety Aviation in the Nation

11/04/10 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA10292rf

11/02/10 - Commercial Burglary Suspect Sought NR10516gb

11/02/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint NA10293kr

11/01/10 - Street Closures for Memorial Service to Honor LAPD Officer Joshua Cullins NA10290bb

11/01/10 - Hit and Run Driver Seriously Injures 3-Year-Old Girl NR10514bb

11/01/10 - 33-Year-Old Missing Man NR10513bb

11/01/10 - Father of 10-day-old Baby Drives His Truck into a Home Killing His Daughter and Her Mother NR10512SF

11/01/10 - Family Members Shot While Enjoying Halloween NR10511gb

11/01/10 - Multi-Victim Shooting on Halloween a 5-year-old boy is in critical condition NA10289gb

11/01/10 - 10-day-old Baby and Her Mother Die After a Man Drives His Truck into Their Home NA10288SF