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November 2011

11/30/11 - Officers Clear City Hall Lawn of ‘Occupy LA’ Protesters NR11561as

11/30/11 - 8th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Drive

11/30/11 - “2011 Hook’n Book” Charity Fundraiser Hosted by the Hollenbeck Police Activities League (PAL)

11/30/11 - 1 – CUP Campaign Launch NA11263rf

11/30/11 - Two Men Shot and Killed Following a Fist Fight NR11563kr

11/30/11 - Two Brothers Die in Murder-Suicide NR11560kr

11/30/11 - LAPD Announces DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

11/29/11 - Local Teacher Arrested for Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with Students NR11556cj

11/29/11 - Local Teacher Arrested for Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with Students NA11259cj

11/29/11 - Riverside County Bank Robbery Suspect Sought NR11555kr

11/28/11 - Two Teenagers Killed in Drive-by Shooting

11/28/11 - Investigation Update Regarding Black Friday Pepper Spray Incident in Porter Ranch

11/23/11 - LAPD Creates Text Message System To Communicate With Occupy LA NR11553an

11/23/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols

11/22/11 - Officers Recover Stolen iPhone Utilizing “Find My Phone” Application NR11547ne

11/22/11 - Smash and Grab Robbery at a Large Department Store in the Baldwin Hills Area of Los Angeles NR11552rh

11/22/11 - News Conference to Announce the 18th Annual Fight for Life Charity Boxing Event Benefitting the City of Hope

11/22/11 - “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” Holiday Reminders and Third Row Seat Protection Tips

11/22/11 - Police Respond Home of Violent Female NR11550an

11/22/11 - Fatal Traffic Collision Leaves One Dead and another Injured NR11549rh

11/22/11 - Pedestrian Struck by Hit and Run Driver While Crossing the Street NR11548rh

11/21/11 - Pedestrian Struck by a Car and Killed while Crossing Street NR11545rf

11/21/11 - 17-year-old Young Man Shot and Killed in Wilmington NR11543SF

11/21/11 - Vehicle Passenger Killed in Traffic Collision Driver Left the Scene and was Later Arrested NR11546rf

11/21/11 - 11-Year-Old Missing Boy NR11542gb

11/21/11 - Two Pedestrians Struck by Car - One dead and another critically injured NR11551gb

11/21/11 - Victim Dies While Other Victim is Injured NR11541rh

11/21/11 - Record Setting Number of LAPD Cadets to Graduate NA11252ep

11/21/11 - Hollywood Homicide NR11539cj

11/21/11 - 36-year-old Missing Man NR11540bb

11/18/11 - Tires Left Flattened in Downtown Los Angeles NR11538pv

11/17/11 - 8th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Toy Run

11/17/11 - Justice for Murdered Children Turkey Giveaway

11/17/11 - Missing Person Michael Graf

11/17/11 - Police Arrest 72 During Day of Protest NR11537an

11/17/11 - Man Shot to Death and another Man injured in South Los Angeles NR11536gb

11/16/11 - Homicide in Harbor NR11530cj

11/16/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols NA11248gb

11/14/11 - Menacing Man Armed with a Knife NR11533kr

11/14/11 - Enforcement and Pedestrian Traffic Safety Tips News Conference

11/14/11 - LAPD Hosts the LGBTQ Community Forum

11/11/11 - LAPD Northeast Community Police Station “11-11-11” Recognition Day NR11532rh

11/11/11 - Fire Captain Arrested for Attempting to Buy Heroin NR11531cj

11/10/11 - Hiker Sexually Assaulted in Elysian Park NR11529ne

11/10/11 - Council District 15 and the LAPD is Offering a $50,000 Reward

11/10/11 - LAPD Announces DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

11/10/11 - USC Student Critically Injured in a Hit and Run

11/10/11 - Northeast Celebrating 11-11-11

11/10/11 - 18-Year-Old Young Man Missing NR11527ne

11/09/11 - Rent Scams Utilizing Craig’s List In Baldwin Village and the Hollywood Areas of Los Angeles NR11525gv

11/09/11 - Hit-and-Run Driver Seriously Injures USC Student NR11526rf

11/09/11 - Bicycle Burglars Arrested Bicycles Recovered NR11528cj

11/08/11 - Prying-eye Computer Leads to Arrest NR11524pv

11/08/11 - Man Attempts Sexual Assault of School Girl NR11523rf

11/08/11 - Major Rent Scam In Los Angeles Targeting Local Communities

11/07/11 - Los Angeles Police Department Applaud Verdict in Conrad Murray Case NR11522an

11/04/11 - Hotel Robber Nabbed by Good Samaritans Visiting Los Angeles for Martial Arts Tournament NR11521rh

11/03/11 - “Commercial Crimes Division Need the Public’s Help to Identify Suspects Wanted for Cargo Thefts in the San Fernando Valley” NR11520SF

11/02/11 - “Grim Sleeper” Investigative Community Forum More Potential Victims are again Connected to the Case NR11519mjf

11/02/11 - LAPD to Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

11/02/11 - “Man with a Gun,” Points it at Police NR11518kr

11/02/11 - Man Found Dead in Jail Cell NR11517ne

11/02/11 - Man Found Shot on Sidewalk NR11515ne

11/02/11 - Westwood Burglars Caught on Tape Public’s Help Requested to Identify Them NR11514ne

11/02/11 - Chief Beck to Hold Community Forum Regarding Updates to Grimm Sleeper Case

11/01/11 - 38-year-old Missing Woman NR11513bb

11/01/11 - Police Commission Announces Selection of New Inspector General