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October 2010

10/30/10 - Hit and Run Driver Seriously Injures a Man NR10511gb

10/30/10 - Hit and Run Driver Fatally Struck a Pedestrian NR10510gb

10/29/10 - Child Abduction Regional Emergency Parents Believed to have Fled to Mexico with Child NR10509kr

10/29/10 - Annual Chili Fly-in Largest Public Safety Aviation Exercise in the Nation NA10291jr

10/28/10 - Burglar Arrested after 5-month Crime Spree

10/28/10 - LAPD Provides Halloween Traffic Safety Tips

10/28/10 - Lottery Scammers Targeting the Spanish-Speaking Community

10/28/10 - Response to Concerns about Jail Staffing

10/28/10 - Media Arrangements for Memorial Service to Honor LAPD Officer Joshua Cullins NA10284ne

10/26/10 - Public Visitation for LAPD Officer/United States Marine Corps. Staff Sergeant Joshua Cullins who was Killed In Afghanistan

10/26/10 - Arrival of Angels Flight and Honors Ceremony for LAPD Officer/United States Marine Corps. Staff Sergeant Joshua Cullins

10/26/10 - 21-Year-Old Critical Missing Person NR10504gv

10/25/10 - Tentative Schedule for Memorial Services to Honor LAPD Officer Joshua Cullins NA10283cj

10/25/10 - 13-Year-Old Girl Missing, Possibly Bound for Detroit, Michigan NR10501SF

10/25/10 - Two-Month-Old Child Taken in Stolen Vehicle NR10500mg

10/24/10 - Man Killed as a Birthday Party Ends NR10499cj

10/23/10 - Man Killed Near a Local Pool hall NR10498cj

10/23/10 - Teen Killed in Hit and Run Collision NR10497cj

10/22/10 - Coalition March and Rally 2010

10/21/10 - Street Closures Due to Presidential Visit on Friday, October 22, 2010 NA10280bb

10/21/10 - Annual Cops-4-Tots Mega Car Show NA10276rf

10/20/10 - Metropolitan Divisions K-9 Unit will Visit South Korea To Test and Evaluate the Jindo Dog Breed NR10492kr

10/20/10 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint NA10279ne

10/20/10 - Roadside Bomb Kills LAPD Officer Serving in Afghanistan NR10489rf

10/20/10 - Jewelry Merchant Robbed at Gunpoint NR10494bb

10/20/10 - Valley Teen Killed in Hit and Run Collision NR10493kr

10/20/10 - Chief Becks Mother, Elma Beck, Dies at 87 NR10490jr

10/20/10 - Home Invasion Robbers Confront Woman and Her Child NR10491rf

10/20/10 - LAPD Metropolitan Division K-9 to Visit South Korea Collaborative Training and Evaluation of the Jindo Dog NA10277jr

10/20/10 - Olympic Community Carnival and Haunted House NA10278kr

10/18/10 - Cops for Causes Event NA10275cj

10/18/10 - LAPD Arrests the Suspect Wanted for a 1980 Deadly Purse Snatch

10/17/10 - Local Man Shot and Killed at Popular Eatery NR10487kr

10/14/10 - LAPD Metro Division Honors One of Their Own The Randy Simmons 5K Challenge Run

10/14/10 - Southeast Area Officer Involved Shooting (OIS)

10/14/10 - LAPD Hollenbeck PAL Film Premiere

10/14/10 - Los Angeles Police Department Provides Halloween Traffic Safety Tips NA10274cj

10/14/10 - Rape Suspect Sought in South Los Angeles Attack NR10486ah

10/13/10 - Community Update on Officer-Involved Shooting

10/12/10 - LAPD Cold Case Featured on Americas Most Wanted

10/12/10 - Arrest of Murder Suspect Omar Armando Loera NA10269kr

10/12/10 - Older Brother Stabs to Death Younger Brother NR10483kr

10/11/10 - Man Points Gun at Officers - O.I.S. Occurs at the Imperial Courts Housing Development

10/08/10 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA10267rf

10/07/10 - Suspect Identified in 1994 Homicide NR10480kr

10/06/10 - LAPD Drivers License and Sobriety Checkpoint NA10266bb

10/06/10 - Man Armed with an Assault Rifle Confronts Officers NR10472rh

10/06/10 - Veteran LAPD Detective arrested for Workers' Compensation Fraud NR10477jr

10/05/10 - Two Suspects Sought in Office Business Burglary NR10478ah

10/05/10 - LAPD Central Division Aims to Educate Public on Bicycle Safety NA10265ah

10/05/10 - Honoring Sworn Employees Killed in the Line of Duty NA10264rh

10/02/10 - LAPD Recovers Missing Juvenile NR10475gb

10/02/10 - Driver Arrested After a Fatal Collision With a Bicyclist NR10476cj

10/02/10 - LAPD Detectives Provide Information about a Recovered Missing Juvenile NA10263gb

10/01/10 - Multi-agency Investigation Leads to the Arrest of a Suspect Wanted for Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Burglary, and Pimping NR10474SF