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October 2011

10/31/11 - 70-year-old Missing Man with Alzheimer’s NR11512bb

10/31/11 - Halloween Partygoers Shot NR11511bb

10/31/11 - Traffic Collision Leaves One Person Dead NR11510ne

10/31/11 - Two Suspects Sought in an Armed Robbery of an Elderly Los Angeles Woman NR11508cj

10/31/11 - Van Nuys Civic Center Complex Rules for Community and Expressive Events NR11509rh

10/31/11 - Aaron Jerel Shannon Vigil 77th Street Area & Area Clergy Council

10/31/11 - Chief Beck to Recognize 104 Members of the LAPD for Bravery or Outstanding Service

10/27/11 - 26-Year-Old Missing Man NR11506gb

10/27/11 - Homeowner’s Beware of Home Inspection Scam NR11505kr

10/25/11 - Thieves take Luggage Containing Family Member’s Ashes NR11504kr

10/25/11 - Halloween Holiday-Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enforcement

10/25/11 - Burglars in Korea Town and Palms Caught on Tape Public’s Help Requested to Identify Suspects NR11503gb

10/24/11 - LAPD Sergeant arrested for Burglary NR11502ajs

10/24/11 - 45-Year-Old Missing Man NR11499gb

10/24/11 - Shooting Suspect Points Handgun at Police NR11501kr

10/24/11 - Law Enforcement and Elected Officials Provide Halloween Safety Tips

10/24/11 - Missing Person Lawayda Johnson NR11496cj

10/24/11 - National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

10/24/11 - Man Struck and Killed by Passenger Train NR11495cj

10/24/11 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) Suspect Armed with a Machete NR11498an

10/24/11 - Man Holds Group of Citizens at Gunpoint NR11497an

10/21/11 - Popular Café Burglarized NR11493kr

10/21/11 - LAPD Chief Hosts Quarterly Muslim Forum NR11489mjf

10/21/11 - 50-year-old Missing Man NR11494bb

10/20/11 - Domestic Violence Awareness Month NR11491rh

10/20/11 - Baldwin Village Camera Project NA11226bb

10/19/11 - Councilmember Jan Perry and the LAPD Call for Witnesses to a Deadly Hit and Run NA11232cj

10/19/11 - Teen Shot to Death by Another Teen NR11490pv

10/19/11 - Indecent Exposure/Child Annoying Suspect Arrested NR11492ne

10/18/11 - Man Shot to Death on Harbor Area Street Motive for Shooting Remains Unclear NR11487rf

10/18/11 - Smash+Grab at Chinatown Jewelry Store NR11488pv

10/18/11 - Cargo Theft Suspect(s) Sought NR11485gb

10/18/11 - LAPD Sponsors Muslim Community Forum Chief Charlie Beck to Host NA11223rf

10/18/11 - Domestic Violence Awareness Month NA11229rh

10/18/11 - LAPD vs NYPD vs LASD East Meets West Baseball Games NR11231kr

10/17/11 - 15-year-old Honor Student Missing From a Hospital NR11486cj

10/17/11 - Community Shred It Event NA11227cj

10/17/11 - Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Training Location Burglarized Weapons Used for Training Taken NR11484kr

10/16/11 - Hit and Run Leaves a Woman in Serious Condition NR11483cj

10/15/11 - Man Shot to Death in Hollywood NR11482bb

10/15/11 - Operation “Render Safe” NR11482jr

10/13/11 - Suspects Sought in Store Robbery NR11480bb

10/13/11 - Woman Shot to Death in South Los Angeles NR11479gb

10/13/11 - Police Find Body of Infant from Unreported Death NR11477rf

10/12/11 - Burglar in Bel Air Hills Caught on Tape NR11472kr

10/12/11 - Man Advances on Officer’s with Knife in Hand NR11475kr

10/12/11 - Man Shot to Death in South Los Angeles Neighborhood NR11476mjf

10/12/11 - Rifle-Toting Man Aims Firearm at Police NR11473kr

10/12/11 - Suspect Shoots at Officers from a Vehicle NR11474rf

10/12/11 - North Hollywood Introduces its “Hats Off!” Program

10/12/11 - North Hollywood Introduces its “Hats Off!” Program NR11478ne

10/12/11 - DUI Driver in Custody on Murder Charges for the Death of his Two Passengers NR11468SF

10/12/11 - Stabbing in Torrance Leaves One Man Dead NR11469cj

10/12/11 - Deputy Chief is Moved to Challenging Assignment, Commander Moved to Operations Valley Bureau as Commanding Officer NR11465mjf

10/11/11 - Man Shot to Death in Hollywood NR11470cj

10/11/11 - 91-year-old Man Missing NR11471cj

10/11/11 - Operation Save Our Streets II Joint Task Force

10/07/11 - LAPD Detective Joins Injured Veterans To Cycle 450 Miles From San Francisco To Los Angeles For Annual Ride 2 Recovery Cycling Event

10/07/11 - 43-year-old Woman Missing NR11461SF

10/07/11 - Foothill Division Search for a Critical Missing Woman NR11462SF

10/07/11 - Chief Charlie Beck to Address International Forum on Gang Violence NR11467AJS

10/07/11 - Chief Charlie Beck to join Metrop Division Mounted Officers on Horse-Mounted Trail Ride in Griffith Park

10/06/11 - Missing Person Notification NR11459df

10/05/11 - Office Creeper Identified - Wanted NR11458pv

10/04/11 - Beware Bandits Snatching Gold Chains in the Valley NR11456df

10/03/11 - Parole Realignment

10/02/11 - Olympic Area GED Officers Wounded in Officer Involved Shooting NR11455rh