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Lizabeth Rhodes, Police Administrator III

Lizabeth Rhodes

Police Administrator III
Office of Constitutional Policing & Policy

email Lizabeth Rhodes was appointed to the Los Angeles
Police Department in November 2019. Ms. Rhodes serves as the
Director of the Office of Constitutional Policing and Policy, the
highest-ranking civilian commanding officer in the LAPD. In that
capacity, Ms. Rhodes is the senior legal and policy advisor to the
Chief of Police and directly oversees the operations of the Risk
Management Legal Affairs Group, Ombuds, Audit Division, Legal
Affairs Division, Risk Management and Policies Division,
Governmental Liaison Section, and Strategic Planning Section. In
this capacity, Ms. Rhodes is responsible for the development of
LAPD's policies and procedures, internal auditing and compliance
programs, review and oversight of litigation involving the LAPD,
the formation and implementation of the LAPD's long-term strategic
plan and risk management strategies, and coordination of all local,
state, and federal governmental and legislative affairs. Prior to
being appointed to the LAPD, Ms. Rhodes graduated cum laude from
Smith College in Massachusetts and went on to earn her Juris
Doctorate from UCLA School of Law. After a few years practicing
labor and employment law at a private law firm, Ms. Rhodes began
her life of public service with the United States Attorney's Office
in 1997. Working out of the Central District of California, Ms.
Rhodes served as an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) working
general crimes before moving up to complex narcotics trafficking,
racketeering, money laundering, and firearms cases. These complex
cases included prosecution of numerous violent street gangs,
organized criminal groups, and law enforcement officers who
committed drug heists from drug dealers and a police evidence
vault. In 2006, Ms. Rhodes became Senior Litigation Counsel in the
Narcotics and Organized Crime Section. In addition to partnering
with the Drug Enforcement Administration on complex and organized
drug trafficking operations, Ms. Rhodes also secured the
then-largest corporate fine ($87 million) against a drug or
pharmaceutical company for the illicit sales of pseudoephedrine, a
key ingredient in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine. In
2010, Ms. Rhodes became Senior Litigation Counsel in the Public
Corruption and Civil Rights Section. Among other complex cases, Ms.
Rhodes initiated and conducted a complex and lengthy investigation
of civil rights and obstruction of justice offenses within a local
sheriff's department, resulting in the conviction of the former
sheriff, undersheriff, and 21 other deputies. From 2016 to 2019,
Ms. Rhodes was the Chief of the General Crimes/Complaints Section,
which entailed training and supervising all new AUSAs, conducting a
constitutional and evidentiary analysis on each of the 500 cases
that came into the office annually, teaching trial advocacy, and
supervising over 175 trials. In addition to her regular duties, Ms.
Rhodes served on senior committees to evaluate compliance and
internal controls for the United States Attorney's Offices
nationwide and to improve general procedures and the approval
process for obtaining and modifying federal electronic
surveillance. She also served a year-long stint as the National
Drug Enforcement Coordinator for the Executive Office for U.S.
Attorneys. In that capacity, Ms. Rhodes brought community
stakeholders together to address important issues regarding
criminal justice reform in the areas of mass incarceration,
disparities in the impact of drug laws on different groups,
potential amendments to the United States Sentencing Guidelines,
and changes to mandatory minimum sentencing laws. For her efforts,
Ms. Rhodes received many awards, including the United States
Department of Justice's two highest awards: The Director's Award
for the successful prosecution of two violent street gangs and the
Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award for the successful
investigation and prosecution of corruption within the sheriff's
department. Ms. Rhodes is a frequent instructor, speaker, and guest
lecturer in the areas of complex litigation, trial advocacy,
discovery compliance, and narcotics trafficking investigations and
trials. Ms. Rhodes' lengthy career in public service reflects her
commitment to criminal justice, no matter where it leads. As a
practicing attorney, former federal prosecutor, and longtime
resident of Los Angeles, Ms. Rhodes brings a unique and independent
perspective to the LAPD.


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