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Statement of Commitment and Intent

Captain III Kevin McClure
Civil Rights Integrity Division

The role of Civil Rights Integrity Division (CRID) is to analyze the Consent Decree, prepare and execute implementation plans; budget funding and either directly produce or oversee the production of policy and procedure documents called for by the Consent Decree.  These varied activities collectively have provided a framework of implementation upon which lasting compliance could be built and maintained.  The primary responsibility of achieving substantial compliance will transfer permanently from CRID to the Department’s mainstream commands at the conclusion of the Consent Decree.  From that point forward, CRID’s main role will be relegated primarily to tracking, monitoring and reporting on the progress of the Department to the Chief of Police and the Police Commission.  Much has been accomplished by the Department and the City in pursuing significant compliance with the Consent Decree.  These significant accomplishments are a source of pride for the Department, City government and our community.  CRID will continue to lead the Department’s unified effort toward compliance; always working hard to earn the respect, confidence and esteem of the Department’s greatest stakeholder – the people of Los Angeles.

As Commanding Officer of CRID, my intent is to place special emphasis on the following areas:
  • Administrative Excellence
  • Service Delivery
  • Training
Administrative Excellence
The daunting task of achieving substantial compliance with the Consent Decree places a unique responsibility on the Department.  CRID continues to be the vanguard of this endeavor, watched closely by the Independent Monitor and the Department of Justice, constantly striving to operate at a level synonymous with perfection.  Because of the correlation between its performance and the Department’s public credibility, CRID will continue to place an exceptionally high premium on initiative, responsiveness and commitment.  CRID will strive to ensure that issues relative to the Consent Decree, the Department’s focus will consistently meet or exceed all mandated technical and legal specifications, on time and within budget.

Service Delivery
The mission of CRID is simple and sharply-focused.  Its ultimate success or failure will be reflected in the quality and quantity of work toward Consent Decree compliance produced by other commands.  To maximize the Department’s overall compliance success as well as insuring that the Department continues to maintain its level of achievement, CRID has developed a comprehensive inspection system to inform the Department’s mainstream commands about compliance levels. 
The audit and inspection process will continue to be aggressive and if the need for localized or system-wide remediation is identified, the remediation will be supported and advanced as expeditiously as possible by CRID.

To ensure that Command Staff and all concerned Department supervisors are informed and knowledgeable on Consent Decree matters, current policies, procedures as well as audit and inspection findings, CRID has and will continue to provide quarterly training for supervisors to address those issues.  In addition, Department personnel can contact CRID for any specialized training needed in order to enhance the Department’s goal of substantial compliance with all Consent Decree mandates.

November 2008


Final Consent Decree [PDF]