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Charitable Services Section

Charitable Services Section
100 West First St. Room 147
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-996-1260 (Voice)
213-996-1279 (Fax)

Charitable Services Section regulates charitable solicitation activities in the City of Los Angeles. This regulatory program consists of receiving and investigating Notice of Intentions [PDF] to assure compliance with the City's Charitable Solicitation Ordinance [PDF], issuing Information Cards, copies of which must be available to all potential donors, and reviewing Reports of Results [PDF] of solicitation campaigns.

Information is disseminated on how to recognize legitimate charitable appeals [PDF] and on the use and purpose of the Information Cards. Investigators checks reports of illegal solicitations and gather evidence for appropriate legal action. Angelinos are encouraged to contact the Sectionto question or complain about appeals that appear to be illegal.

The Bingo Gaming Enforcement Unit administers legal bingo in the City of Los Angeles. This includes investigation of an applicant's qualifications for a bingo license [PDF], issuance of licenses, collection of various fees, auditing of bingo financial records, and monitoring of bingo sessions to ensure that all games are conducted in accordance with the California State Gaming Law and the City of Los Angeles bingo rules and regulations [PDF].

This office investigates applications by non-profits for exemption from payment of City business taxes. The investigative report, with recommendation, is acted upon by the Police Permit Review Panel, which is empowered by the Board of Police Commissioners to grant business tax exemptions if the business activity services only charitable purposes and is a normal function of the charity.