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Rampart Community Cadet Program

The officers of Rampart Community Police Station have an interest in the long-term solutions to the problems of young people growing up in the inner city. These children often have inadequate choices for recreation and role models. Cadets perform certain community services and limited uniformed police functions.

The 50 young men and women participating in the Cadet program experience a strict disciplined approach to becoming mature young adults. They learn about the importance of education, teamwork, leadership, and community service. Since its inception in 1962, the Rampart Cadet program had successfully graduated over 300 young men and women.

Cadets are an integral part of police operations in Rampart. They assist the Rampart detectives in updating gang records as well as working with the community to help solve crimes. The Cadets are in constant demand by the front desk patrol officers. There they help answer the enormous number of phone calls, assist with translation into Spanish, and complete crime reports.

Cadets also participate in graffiti and street and alley cleanup, and numerous community events that require extra security. Rampart Station has three annual events: the Rampart Halloween Haunted House, Holiday food give-away and the Children’s Blind Center Holiday gift give-away. These activities serve more than 5,000 community members, including Cadets family members. The Cadets assist by providing much needed help in setting up these events which enhance relations between the police and the community we serve.

The Cadet program keeps kids off the streets, encourages youth in the community to look at police officers as role models, and instills in them discipline and purpose in life. There are absolutely no City funds provided for this worthwhile program – all funds are raised by the participants and other community members.


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Bertha Wooldridge, Outstanding Community Member
Bertha Wooldridge
Outstanding Community Member