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Detective of the Year - Michael Flannery

Detective I Michael Flannery, Serial No. 36629, was selected for Detective of the Year for 2016.  Michael has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department for nearly 15 years.   He has worked a myriad of assignments; including uniformed patrol, special enforcement unit, gang enforcement detail, and as a traffic collision investigator.  Michael was promoted to detective in 2015.   His move to South Traffic Division (STD) has proven to be extremely beneficial to STD operations.

Michael has established himself as a team player, stellar investigator, and a true leader.  On November 12, 2016, a Hit and Run fatal traffic collision occurred on Adams Boulevard and Vineyard Avenue.  The victim and her niece were walking across Adams Blvd. in the early morning hours when she was struck by a vehicle.   Unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries and died at the scene.

Michael was not assigned the case as the initial investigator, but without hesitation both Michael and his partner assisted the lead investigator.  With limited information and no evidence, STD Detectives conducted a press conference asking for the community’s assistance in solving the crime.  Several leads were received from the community, but one tip provided a suspect name and vehicle description.   The vehicle described by the tipster was not the vehicle listed on the traffic collision report.  Michael and his partner took the information and assumed the role of lead investigator.  Michael went back to the area where the crime occurred and re-canvassed the area in search of video and additional witnesses.  Armed with the information from the tipster he discovered a video capturing the aftermath of the collision.  The video showed the suspect fleeing the scene on foot, and his accomplice helping to hide the vehicle.  Michael was able to locate a Facebook photograph of the suspect and the vehicle.  With this information they went to the area where the suspect lived.  While driving around the area, the suspect drove past the detectives.  They requested a back-up unit, and responding officers conducted a traffic stop.  The suspect and his accomplice were detained and questioned about the collision.  The suspect confessed to the collision.  The accomplice provided a statement solidifying the case.  This case is just one of the many examples of  Michael’s commitment to the Los Angeles Police Department and the Community he serves.

Michael is a loyal and dedicated employee.  He is a proud husband and parent.  His maturity and leadership skills have earned him respect and admiration by his peers.  His commitment to the Department and his selfless commitment to the community he serves, makes it an honor to nominate Michael Flannery as the 2016 Detective of the Year.


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