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Traffic Enforcement Officer of the Year 2nd Quarter - Police Officer II+II Ronald Pierson

South Traffic Division (STD) is pleased to announce Police Officer II+2 Ronald Pierson,
Serial No. 24811, as the STD Employee of the 2nd Quarter 2017.  The award symbolizes excellence in his ability to effectively formulate strategies, tactics and action plans to achieve results in all areas of STD daily functions.  The nominated officer has implemented his personal strategies, hard work ethic, by successfully demonstrating a high level of technical competence maintaining various STD administrative on going strategies.  During his tenure as a motor officer, he has regularly participated in special details and task forces to assist with the High Injury Networks (HIN) and the Greatest Risk Intersections (GRI) to accomplish traffic safety in South Bureau.

Pierson has been a member of the STD team since 1992 and is currently assigned to the Community Traffic Safety Unit (CTSU) as a Divisional Complaint Administrative Officer.  In his tenure at STD, he has set himself apart from his peers in his productivity by his body of work performed daily at STD.

Pierson’s duties involve the following tasks:  Community Traffic Safety Unit (CTSU) Administration Officer; Maintaining the Citizen Complaint Database; Traffic Analysis Section (TAS) back-up; Analyzing Traffic Collisions; Kit-room Inventory Tracking System (LAPD KITS) and Kit-room coordinator; Maintain and repair shotguns, Tasers, and radio; Mobile Field Force kit coordinator;  Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) device coordinator; Blue Check device coordinator; Vehicles maintenance coordinator; Personnel Citation and Parking Booklet coordinator; LYNXX Photo Management System coordinator; Upload traffic collision photographs; SMS Security Camera coordinator;; Recaps; STD Data Base Coordinator; Coordinate and assign lockers and equipment to new STD employees;  Citation booklet archive Coordinator.

Police Officer II+2 Ronald Pierson takes on numerous task and responsibilities at STD.  Without his expertise and knowledge in various assignments, STD would not be able to operate; therefore, Ronald Pierson is being nominated for the Employee of the 2nd Quarter.


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