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Civilian of the Year - Senior Administrative Clerk Sabrina Williams, Serial No. E9275

Police Senior Administrative Clerk Sabrina Williams, Serial No. E9275 was selected as South Traffic Division (STD) Civilian Employee of the Year for 2016. She is a tenured employee who has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department for over 30 years.  Sabrina has been a part of the STD family for 17 years. Her first assignment was as the Divisional Timekeeper from 2005 to 2013.  From 2013 to present she has been the Divisional Subpoena Control Clerk.

Sabrina continuously performs her job with by achieving results with accuracy and precision while demonstrating a high level of administrative efficiency and effectiveness.  She builds strong working rapport with others and displays a harmonious TEAM spirit and is affection ally referred as (25SUBPONENA1).

Sabrina performs difficult clerical work of a responsible nature requiring frequent exercise of independent judgment and a good knowledge of the functions of the unit in which the position is located.  The Subpoena Control Clerk works closely with officers, members of the public, City Attorney, District Attorney and the Court Liaisons.

Sabrina is pleasant and professional in her communication skills and demeanor.  She can be counted on to complete any task assigned to her.   Additionally, she has a cheerful attitude which makes it easy to ask her for assistance and to work with.  She is responsible for our monthly birthday celebrations for all who are celebrating for the month.  This is something the personnel looks forward to and is a great morale booster for the Division.

As a member of the Station Fund Committee, Sabrina participates in the Divisional fundraising activities, planning the annual Holiday party, contacts employees and sends cards out to employees that are sick, IOD and sympathy cards.

Sabrina achieves the highest standard of excellence and promotes professional concern for quality work. As a result of her committed success of personal strengths and enthusiastic support to STD Sabrina was named Civilian of the Year by STD Command.

After 30 years and 10 months of service to the Los Angeles Police Department, Sabrina retired June 24, 2017.


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