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Supervisor of the Year - Sergeant I + II Clarence Perkins

Sergeant I + II Clarence Perkins

Any team is only as good as its players and each position is extremely important.  Motor Sergeant I+II Clarence Perkins is certainly a team player and during the year of 2016 he played several positions for South Traffic Division (STD).  Job number one; he was often the only field supervisor on day watch for both traffic enforcement and collision enforcement officers.  As the only field supervisor, he was also tasked with supervising Special Details.  Did I mention that on any given day he was frequently assigned as the Watch Commander, and often without a field supervisor scheduled to work with him.

Job number two; he was the Sick and Injured-On-Duty (SK & IOD) coordinator for our approximately 120 sworn and non-sworn employees.  The responsibility of SK & IOD coordinator requires multitasking, excellent communication skills and the ability to prioritize.   

As job number three; he backfilled as the Training Coordinator while the assigned sergeant was on a long-term leave of absence.  As the training coordinator he was responsible for ensuring the entire command attended all Bureau and POST mandated training.  While in this position he did not have the Assistant Training Coordinator to assist him with the many projects/demands coming out of the Training Unit. Completing the training schedule was one of many arduous tasks, yet he managed to get the schedule completed on time amongst the multitude of Area and Bureau requests.  Additionally, he had to review all pursuits and use of forces before submission to the Commanding Officer for approval/signature.

Job number four; when the adjutant to the Captain position became vacant, and the absence of an adjutant became critical, Clarence volunteered to do this job too.  However, it was not just the adjutant position to be filled; the position of Complaint Sergeant is a large part of what the adjutant duties are.  Not only did he have the position of tracking the complaints, he would often be assigned to investigate a complaint due to STD being short of field supervisors.

Sergeant I+2 Clarence Perkins worked extremely hard in 2016 and South Traffic Division is a better place for it.  Due to his willingness to volunteer to assist the team regardless of how herculean the job description may be, thanks to Clarence the work got done.  He worked tirelessly and without complaint.  He was often heard saying, “No problem, I’ll get it done.”


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