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Officer of the Year Police Officer David Wakisaka, Serial No. 37812

Police Officer II David Wakisaka, Serial No. 37812, is recognized as the South Traffic Division (STD) Officer of the Year for 2016.  David has been a member of the STD family since February 2007, and is currently the senior officer within the STD Traffic Analysis Detail.  He has consistently been outstanding in the performance of his duties and is an integral part of the STD team. His experience, knowledge, and positive demeanor have been a major contribution to the success of STD’s focused Traffic Deployment and Enforcement efforts.

David is frequently tasked with in-depth review of Operations-South Bureau traffic collision metrics, in addition to other ancillary duties.  Wakisaka approaches these tasks with a positive attitude, always willing to go above and beyond to further the commands goals.  His work ethic is outstanding and his work product reflects an astute awareness of the STD mission.

David is an instrumental asset to the Traffic Plan goals set forth by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and the Mayor’s “Vision Zero” efforts which STD is striving to achieve.  In 2016, his leadership and hard work was most evident during the Compstat Inspections that STD participated in on a quarterly basis.  His invaluable analysis and reporting provided to STD management was essential to the success at each of the Compstat Inspections the command participated in.  He has a keen ability to learn quickly, and consistently demonstrates an ability to be depended on for any tasks he is assigned.

Aside from this, David has embodied our Department’s Core Values of Respect for People, Service to Our Communities and Commitment to Leadership.  He is a self-motivated and highly productive officer who can be counted on to provide the STD command with whatever is needed to accomplish our goals.

David ranks amongst the most dedicated, reliable and knowledgeable officers that we have at STD, and has become a great asset to our Department. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and appreciation that we honor Police Officer II David Wakisaka, as the 2016 Officer of the Year.


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