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Community Relations Youth Programs

Police Cadets

Officer Limon, Eddie
Officer Gibson, La Keisha
Age range: 14 –21 years

This program provides insight to those who would like to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. Cadets are given the proper framework to develop a sharp mind and physically fit body. Using a paramilitary structure, these uniformed volunteers work side by side with Police Officers on real police assignments. Cadets also develop a better understanding of our local form of government and learn the responsibilities as a citizen.

Deputy Auxiliary Police (DAP)

Officer Jackson, Deryl
Officer Norwood, Tiffany
Age range: 7-14 years

The department’s youth development program, which provides disadvantaged children the opportunity to experience and participate in activities to occupy their time and energy. Children with this program generally have not had negative contact with the police and have a stable relationship with their parents. The real benefit is adult guidance and keeping sports in and gangs out.


Officer Jackson, Deryl
Officer Norwood, Tiffany
Age range: 7-18 years

The department’s "youth at risk" program, which is founded on the belief that early intervention for a specific population of youth will reduce juvenile crime. The program identifies children who are at high risk in becoming involved in the dangers of a delinquent lifestyle. "High risk" usually includes one or more of the following; minor arrests, gang activity, truancy citations, runaways, and/or unstable home life. The program will provide them and their parents with the guidance and activities that will instill self-esteem and discipline; therefore giving the child a more positive and productive role in our society. Most referrals are received from Police Officers, schools, parents, and Juvenile court.

Police Athletic League (PAL)

Officer Jackson, Deryl
Officer Norwood, Tiffany
Age range: 7-18 years

The mission of the PAL program is to reduce Juvenile Crime and Delinquency by uniting Law Enforcement Officers and youth through quality activities designed to develop discipline self esteem, mutual trust and respect. The West Los Angeles PAL program is new and in and early development.

The goal is to have youth involved in a variety of athletic activities that promote discipline, self esteem and emphasize respect for the sports and others.


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