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West LA Community Newsletter

September 2013
Vol. XI No. 9

Captain's Message

Captain’s Message

Summer is nearing an end, and with it an end to vacations.  Schools are back in session, please consider the increase in traffic that the school year will bring, and be patient and vigilant when driving through school zones and through neighborhoods where children are present.

Crime Update
I am pleased to report that West Los Angeles Area currently has experienced a 7.5% reduction in total Part 1 crime year-to-date.  Property crime is also down 7.6% year to date.  These crime reductions reflect not only the hard work by West Los Angeles Area officers and detectives, but the continued awareness of our community partners.  West Los Angeles Station is grateful for the fervent support of this community which has allowed us to accomplish so much, and we look forward to finishing out the year with a continued reduction in crime. 

Remember to Lock it Hide It Keep It!

We encourage all residents to take a few minutes to revisit their home security plans.  Here are a few tips:
  • Keep jewelry and other valuables locked up at all times.  Jewelry is an easy target for thieves to steal, transport, and resell.
  • Always secure and lock doors and windows when going out. 
  • Check to see if door and window locks, and exterior lighting is adequate, and make upgrades where appropriate.  Consider accessibility points such as garages and pet doors. Consider a home safe or alarm system. 
  • Reach out to your neighbors.  Be the eyes and ears for each other.
  • Be informed.  Join the West Los Angeles E-Policing,, and Neighborhood Watch.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately. 
I look forward to continuing strong partnerships and friendships with you, as we work to make the West Los Angeles Area a safe place to live, work, and play in Los Angeles, if not the nation.  It has been through the continued support of this community that we are able to accomplish so much.  Be safe.

Evangelyn Nathan, Captain
Commanding Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station

Basic Car 8A1, Pacific Palisades
Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore
Email address:

Area Boundaries:

Mulholland Drive/Santa Monica Mountains (N)
City of Santa Monica/Pacific Ocean (S)
Malibu/Topanga (W)
Allenford Avenue/Evans Road (E)

Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle continues to account for the majority of crime in the Palisades, followed by residential burglary.  The Palisades area has seen a 11.5% decrease in total Part 1 crime.  To help reduce crime in the community please remember to remove all valuables and anything from view inside the vehicle. 

For questions or comments please contact Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore at (office) 310-444-0737 or E-mail me at

Basic Car 8A13, Brentwood
Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray
E-Mail me at

Mulholland Drive (N)
Wilshire Boulevard. (S)
Sullivan Canyon (W) and
San Diego Fwy (E)

The Brentwood area crime rate continues in a downward trend with a 4.8% reduction of Part 1 crime.  Vehicle related crimes remain our number one problem accounting for most of the crimes.  Vehicles, which are broken into and stolen, lead the list in crime, followed closely by thefts.

Always lock your vehicle
Set your vehicles alarm
Never leave anything in plain view
Lock items in the trunk

Items which are commonly taken: Cash, Purses, IPods, Cell phones, Laptops, GPS’s, Stereo’s, Backpacks, and Golf clubs.
The Los Angeles Police Department is making every effort to combat this problem. Community awareness is the key to prevention.  If you have any issues or problems, please call me at (310) 444-0744 or e-mail at 30469@
Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray
Brentwood Area
West Los Angeles Division

Basic Car 8A29, Bel Air, Westwood
Senior Lead Officer Christopher Ragsdale
Office: 310-444-0741

Mulholland Drive (N)
Santa Monica Boulevard (S)
San Diego Freeway (W), and
Beverly Hills (E)

There has been a 14.5% reduction in total part 1 crime and 40.5% reduction in violent crime.  Lock and secure your vehicles and ensure you remove all property from inside the vehicle.  Remember to always keep the doors and windows to your home locked and secured.  Set alarms when leaving even if only for a short period of time.  Recent burglaries have indicated a necessity of alarming upstairs doors and windows and placing motion sensors in the master bedroom and bath areas.  Also ensure all ladders are locked and secured out of sight in a garage or storage building.  In many cases unsecured loose ladders in the side or back yards were used to gain access into upper windows and doors. 

Get to know your neighbors and help each other out by watching out for each other.  If your neighborhood does not have a Neighborhood Watch, talk to your neighbors and start one.  Report any suspicious activity or crime immediately to the police department.  EMERGENCY: 911, NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273, uncertain, contact the West L.A. station desk at 310-444-0701.

For questions or comments you may contact Senior Lead Officer Christopher Ragsdale at 310-444-0741 or email at

Basic Car 8A35, Westside Pavilion/ Rancho Park
Senior Lead Officer Rashad Sharif

Santa Monica Boulevard (N)
Santa Monica Freeway (S)
San Diego Freeway (W), and
Motor Avenue (E)

There has been a 22.6% decrease in total part 1 crime.   Theft followed by Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle account for the majority of the crime and then residential Burglary. 

If you have any further questions please contact me at (Office) 310-444-0738 E-mail 27162@  

Basic Car 8A53, West LA
Senior Lead Officer Matthew Kirk 

Perimeter:Wilshire Boulevard (N)
Centinela Ave (W)
San Diego Freeway (E), and
Santa Monica Freeway (S)

There has been 7.4% decrease in Part 1 crime.  Day and Night you can be a victim of Burglary from Motor Vehicle. Follow the below tips.


Hot items stolen from vehicles are GPS systems, Ipods, Computers, and Purses. These are things that we can have control over by not leaving these items in your cars.

Graffiti Removal: Graffiti promotes fear within the community, call and have it removed. Take photos if possible (digital camera) and electronically send them to me at Call 311 for a free paint out.  Whenever you see graffiti call and have it removed.

If you have any questions please contact me at (Office) 310-444-0742 or Cellular 310-622-3986 or email at

Basic Car 8A59, Eastside of West Los Angeles
Senior Lead Officer Rick Ballesteros
Office: 310-444-0739

Gregory Way (N)
Cadillac Avenue (S),
La Cienega Avenue (E), and
Robertson Boulevard (W).

Burglary Theft from Motor Vehicle and Residential Burglary continue to be a major problem in our neighborhood.  There has been a 13.4% increase in Part 1 crimes.  Many of these cars were left parked on the street where an opportunist walking by the car could look in and observe valuables and property left in plain view inside the vehicle.  Ensure you remove all valuables from inside your vehicle.  When leaving your home lock all doors and windows and if you have an alarm system use it. 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 310-444-0739.

Basic Car 8A95, Pico/Robertson and 8500 Cadillac Avenue
Senior Lead Officer Mario Gonzalez

Santa Monica Boulevard (N)
National Boulevard (S)
Robertson Boulevard (E)and
Overland Avenue (W)

There has been a 3.5% increase in Part 1 crime.  Beware of distraction burglars who come into the area and prey on elderly victims by befriending them, gaining their trust and then stealing from them. Usually they are posing as a utility worker, a contractor or a person in distress. Immediately report suspicious persons in you area.

Burglaries are on the increase. Secure your homes. Lock all doors and windows, and close and lock your garage. Also do not leave valuables in plain view inside you car. There are opportunists out there that are tempted by laptop computers, cameras, purses and other valuables lying on the seat.

Any questions or quality of life issues please give me a call at (Office) 310-444-0740 or email at


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