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West Valley Community Policing Activities

Senior Lead Office
The Senior Lead Office assists and coordinates community policing activities throughout the Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Van Nuys, Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks and Northridge Communities. The Senior Lead Office is comprised of the Senior Lead Officers (SLO’s) who are responsible for establishing partnerships with the business and residential community through the creation of Neighborhood Watch Programs and Community Police Advisory Boards (CPABs).  These programs are comprised of residents, homeowners, business owners, property owners, and property managers who have joined together to help identify crime problems and long-term quality of life concerns in their area and to find methods to address these issues.  For more information contact the Senior Lead Office at 818-374-7694 or navigate to the Events and Programs tab then click on the West Valley Area SLO Meetings link to access the SLO in your area.

Community Relations Office
The Community Relations Office (CRO) is comprised of officers who coordinate and monitor various youth and community outreach programs.  The youth programs were created by the LAPD to offer the young people living in our communities a chance to participate in positive alternative activities. They were designed to give our youth structure, teach them responsibility and the importance of being a good citizen.  The youth programs consist of the Police Cadets, Junior Police, the Police Activity League Supporters and Jeopardy.  The community outreach programs were established to further involve members of the community to become active participants in the reduction of crime and quality of life issues in their communities.  In West Valley the community outreach programs consist of the West Valley LAPD Reserve Unit, Station Volunteers and the Volunteer Surveillance Team (VST).

Cadet and Junior Police program
The purpose of the West Valley Police Cadet and the Junior Police program is to help instill discipline, leadership, and academic excellence and life skills in its participants.  The program seeks to empower students to maximize their personal, scholastic and life potential and introduces them to law enforcement careers and community service. Those interested in the challenge can contact Officers Mike Noji, Adrian Rios and Azusena Cardenas at 818-374-7690.

Police Activities League
The West Valley Police Activities League or PALS is a youth crime prevention program that relies on educational, athletic and other recreational activities to cement a bond between police officers and the youth in our community.  Those who are accepted into the program demonstrate a desire to better themselves through a commitment to and participation in team sports.  If interested contact Officer Edison Vistar at 818-374-7689.

Jeopardy Program
The Jeopardy Program is an at-risk youth intervention program, coordinated through PALS, that provides alternatives to gang membership through counseling, education, mentoring, and sports programs.  For more information, contact Officers Edison Vista or Richard Leon at 818-374-7690.

Reserve Unit
The West Valley Reserve Unit consists of Level I, Level II and Level III Reserve Officers who augment West Valley officers and civilians in the areas of Patrol, Detectives and the Front Desk.  In addition they are also assigned to specialized divisions such as Air Support, Metropolitan Division, Robbery Homicide Division and Counter Terrorist and Criminal Intelligence Bureau. Those interested in becoming a Reserve Officer can contact the Recruitment and Employment Division at 213-486-4753.

Community Volunteer Patrol and Volunteer Surveillance Team
The West Valley Community Volunteer Patrol and the Volunteer Surveillance Team (VST) are made up of qualified community members.  The Volunteers assist West Valley station personnel in the areas of Detectives, Records and the Front Desk.  VST personnel assist Officers and Detectives in their field duties.  Their job is to observe and report information from the field to assist in the apprehension of criminals. Those interested in the Community Volunteer Patrol and VST contact Officer Mark McKeighan at 818-374-7685.