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Wilshire Community Police Station Wins Malcolm Baldrige Award

Wilshire Community Police Station provides service to one of the most diverse communities within the City of Los Angeles. In 1994, Wilshire Community Police Station won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige Award. The Malcolm Baldrige Award is awarded to a select group of California public and private organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovation and measurable success in providing high quality services to their customers. In addition to the Bronze Award (winning the award over such entities as the California State Department of Parks and Castle Air Force Base), Wilshire Community Police Station was cited as "Best in Class" for government agencies for its innovations and success.

This award was the result of an intensive three-month period of self-assessment beginning in August 1994. The core group conducting the assessment consisted of twelve sworn and non-sworn Wilshire Community Police Station employees. The assessment team worked together and prepared a 51-page document, which evaluated Wilshire Community Police Station Operations using the Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria. The areas critiqued included:

  • Leadership, Information Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource Development
  • Management
  • Management of Process Quality
  • Quality & Operational Results
  • Customer Focus and Satisfaction

This document represented hundreds of hours of work and feedback from all levels of Wilshire employees. This document was then submitted to the California Council for Quality & Service (CCQS), a non-profit organization of consultants dedicated to improving quality and service in California public and private organizations.

After the document was completed and submitted to CCQS, a team of their evaluators came to Wilshire Community Police Station. The CCQS inspected Wilshire’s operations, and spoke to and questioned personnel in all areas. One of the aspects that they liked the most was the cooperative interaction they noted among all employees, which they saw as enhancing the quality of service to the public.

Quality of Service is top priority for Wilshire Community Police Station. Therefore, Wilshire did not sit around after winning the 1994 Malcolm Baldrige Award.  Instead Wilshire started work again toward winning the 1995 Malcolm Baldrige Award. Again, Wilshire employees vested hours of work into winning the national award for service excellence. Wilshire submitted their application and another team of evaluators from CCQS inspected Wilshire's operations. Hard work and untiring dedication paid off, and Wilshire Community Police Station was awarded the 1995 Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Winning these two awards resulted in far more than nationwide recognition. The real satisfaction came from the process in which all employees participated in their effort to provide the highest quality service to the Wilshire Community.


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